Materials and Pockets


We create your custom head with any materials you choose.  You choose the head or we can use your own.  You choose the mesh, strings, dye... Whatever you want.  Some of of favorites are: Epoch and STX heads, East Coast, Epoch and Throne mesh, and String King nylons and laces.

Want a high, mid or low pocket?  We can create any pocket you want.  And our pockets come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee!  Try out your pocket, and if it is not perfect for you we will adjust it until you are completely satisfied.  And if your mesh and strings stretch a little with break in, we will "tune up" your pocket until it is back in shape just the way you want it.



You can supply your own, or we will buy for you and you reimburse us for the cost.  We have zero mark up on materials cost!!!

Custom Work

String Job $10

Head Dye (one color) $10

Head Dye (two colors) $15